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Thank you for visiting Kids Corner Consultation!
Here to help kids thrive and create harmonious

family living.


• Out of control, constantly misbehaving, leaving you at your wit's end?

• Struggling at school?

• Having a difficult time coping with divorce or separation?

• Experiencing grief from a death or another loss?

• Lacking self-confidence?

• Seem depressed?

• Nervous or clingy?

• Trying to cope with a traumatic event?

• Being bullied or bullying others?

• Having a hard time understanding social cues?


If you answered yes to any of the above-mentioned statements Kids Corner

Consultation can help your family overcome the problem at hand. Services offered include individual and family counseling as well as parent coaching. Together we can determine which services will best meet your family's goals and needs.

Conveniently located off Rte. 32 in downtown Monson, Massachusetts. 12 minutes from the Mass Pike.

Kids Corner Consultation offers a welcoming child friendly office and comfortable reception area.